Tours to India — what you need to know

Tours to India — what you need to know

Tours to India are the most underrated destination in Ukraine. In general, India is one of the richest and poorest countries at the same time. This is not a joke and not a play on words. Along with the luxurious residences you can freely see the slums. The same ones that you could see in the movie «Slumdog Millionaire”. Inequality and inter-caste differences are rampant in India.

So what is the first thing to know before a tour to India? We’ll try to give some tips.

  1. The main language of India — and there isn’t one. There are legally 21 languages in India. So if you plan to visit different parts of the country, we advise you to download the application Google translate, which can recognize speech and translate quite well. Well, and if you confine yourself to a hotel, a basic knowledge of English will be enough.
  2. The weather in India is somewhat different from our seasons. It’s very hot here from March to May. And here you will be comfortable from June to October.
  3. Indian cuisine is quite cheap and varied.  It is not a problem to eat well here. There are a few dishes that I can’t recommend enough. These are: soup puree Dal, Indian pilaf Biryani and creamy Korma.

If you choose a tour to India, you get into a completely different world with a different culture and customs. During your vacation you need to try to fully know and taste all aspects of the exotic for us country.

Have a great vacation in India. And do not forget to bring back with you from your vacation more gastronomic souvenirs.

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